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Well, i got told how it was imossible for me to dp.... as 43 and everyone said you needed 13. even though i wqas there as support for tank and dps with posion i watched how much dmg it did to a jug and he didnt need me it would been togh but thats 3 50's and a 43.... Then last night this price gouging immature troll calling 50 named REZZEN...REZZEN HE WEL REZZEN..... got there with two other fifties...random invites....and sais wheres the other and i said im talking to people, then got up and left us, hes not to be respected trust me.... those other gusy then said it couldnt happen cause we needed 14..... lmao, i solo like you man all planers up to robot......i killed him in big group with the republic..and ya the republic can inviter to their op... I killed with 3 50;s and me and iso on but they were sared and left...its 42\

I blame this on pvp leveling....these new or whatever dont know **** a bout game now.,.,,and im set with an uber rare helme, people stat and msg me that i look cool...**** rakkatta...anyone i n it on ebbon who wants to get his ugliy as **** rakatta messed /cjoin theice pvp sucks afer a bit so does black talon...get out and adveture .... oh and too all you that have helpful in trying to fis=x gouging on esecially jadas blade will be in your enemies back
I don't even...what the heck is this all about??