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Re: Exclusive romances.
This is more to do with realism than anything else. It's not realistic for every romancable character to be available and open to both genders. That is not how it works in reality.
It isn't reality. It's an interactive game set in a galaxy-wide community in a different 'reality' to ours. It's fiction. People who claim it's 'not realistic' for their NPC, available to their male JK, to also be available to someone else's female JK is looking at metaplot - cross-dimensional metaplot. To put it in a DA2 way, Hawke is neither a time traveller nor a cross-dimensional acrobat. What is happening to one Hawke is not happening to another.

Similarly, the experiences of different SWTOR PCs are going to be inherently different. If you look at the matter from the PC level it makes no difference if all your companions can be romanced by one gender, the other gender or both.

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A bisexual person is not the same as a lesbian or a gay or even a straight person,
Correction: a bisexual person is not the same orientation as a gay or straight person. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not claiming bisexuals are inherently different in ways other than orientation.

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and the Star Wars universe has never argued that everyone is bisexual (because we know for a fact that the vast majority of romantic relationships depicted in the Star Wars universe (both in main canon and EU) are male/female without reference to same sex relationships or even attractions).
Another correction: the Star Wars universe has never claimed anything about the sexualities of the majority of the population. We've seen depictions almost (almost) solely of heterosexual relationships, yes, but that only leads us to assume the majority of the Star Wars universe is heterosexual. Until an official statement comes out to the effect we cannot know whether the relationships we've seen are indicative of the setting or whether it's indicative of them attempting to sell their product in a world of primarily heterosexual humans.

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What it is not possible to do, however, is stop people being unable to comprehend that their play of SWTOR is different to someone else's.
But that's beyond any writer's control, and is on the onus of the player.

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So some people just get stuck on the idea that Kira is straight and will find that their knowledge that she can be lesbian or non-sexual for other players breaks their own immersion. I personally think that's a very silly thing, however, that doesn't make it any less real for some people. (And I might add, it's even sillier in the face of the fact that we can significantly alter the physical appearance of our companions.)
I think it's silly too, and yes, it's going to happen - just like there are people (a minority) rampantly declaring that romances shouldn't be in the game at all. What breaks immersion for one person doesn't for another - again, this is the player's business and nothing anyone but they can control. I don't necessarily see it as being any kind of indicator of bad writing (which will break immersion for most people on its own, but even then doesn't always; see Twilight).

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(Another thing to note: PCsexual usually turns out to be the same dialogue with different pronouns, which is the main issue people have with PCsexual characters, why they say they're not realistic. This is the bad writing they were talking about at the guild summit.)
But they didn't say 'That isn't always writing; that [often isn't[/i] good storytelling'. Me, I know that's what they were talking about at the Summit and I still disagree. Anything can be written well or poorly. They summarily dismissed a viable option based on a belief that it's never good storytelling, never writing, and I feel I must disagree with them.

A story about a domineering man who embarrasses, offends and tricks a woman into assuming some level of submission before and after marrying him could be written horribly indeed, yet Shakespeare managed The Taming of the Shrew pretty damn well.

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I have seen more than one person asking Bioware to make Samantha Traynor bisexual, because they want their dude!Shep to "bone" her (because she's both attractive and has a sexy British accent). So people DID care about it.
Wow. Lame. I really liked that she was out of reach of my manShep.

Quote: Originally Posted by Zandilar View Post
And you're right, I am looking at it from a representation perspective. That is because I think representation is extremely important. I also look at it from a realism point of view - which I am aware might seem silly given that we're talking about a universe with laser swords and space magic... But in order to relate to the setting, the people in that setting still have to be human at a certain level. That means that they need to have traits that we can relate to - which brings us right back to representation.
I agree a level of humanity is required for players to relate to the characters. Definitely a good point. But I don't think that proportions of sexual preferences within the galaxy-wide community need to be similar to our world's, not at all. If someone breaks immersion because there's more bisexuals than heterosexuals then they're not looking into the world very deeply at all.
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