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Look over the forums again, shedloads of people have complained and the standard CS responce is to check YOUR connection. People everywhere complain and get the same responce, bloody bad show inho
meh half of CS are probably a bunch of contracted workers who've never played the game.

They did mention Server stability in the Q&A. Although they talked about attempting to solve a bug regarding DCs, surely they are aware of the situation and that these Server Stability fixes are working on the Lag which affects a lot of areas of the game, just more noticeable in the heavily loaded raids. I guess they're loaded much heavier than they ever expected/anticipated.

But it absolutely needs to be sorted asap. Although everything ingame is still kill-able, its far from ideal and can/does result in several wipes. I truly feel bad for guilds trying to learn new fights with this lag, embarking on new progression. Infact the only thing that can be said, is that if they manage to get some progression done :P they deserve some applaud, it's harder than it should be.
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