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07.27.2012 , 03:53 PM | #10
What is this?

3 weeks straight Q&A with no questions or answers about the future of this game at all. The only thing that's been up is a stupid companion that's coming in who knows how long. These aren't even questions worth answering, and the questions that should be answered for 3 weeks have been ignored.

I really have to say I cannot see a future for this game at this point if it keeps going like this. I love this game, subbed for 6 months and stayed subbed because I was waiting to see what would happen. I've seen it go through horrendous times and to be honest it's getting way worse. Worthless Q&As and no communication at all is just a start, beta bugs and lag issues are still there and have been there since day 1. Why are you guys answering lore questions when there are 6-7 other pages of questions asking about hood toggles and chat bubbles, or questions about PvP? This is ridiculous, the stuff you answered aren't even good. I don't care about the lore of pillars, just give us some insight on how this game is going to succeed for the next few months.
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