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07.27.2012 , 03:36 PM | #25
My guild decided to try SM EC only watching videos and reading strats. We were mostly Rakata/Columi with the occasional BH piece. 3 weekends later with lots of frustrations and expensive repair bills, we had yet to finish Toth and Zorn.

The 4th weekend we ran it (mostly same group, same gear) with ONE different person who had run it all the way to the end and knew more than just theory, and we made it to Kephess in 2 hours, and beat him the next day. This was 7 people who only knew the theory and 1 person with experience.

So as long as you have mumble/ventrilo/similar, and someone who not only knows the fights but is good at explaining them, and a group of people willing to listen, and who otherwise know their own classes well, you can pull it off without super gear.