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I understand is from a BH codex, but do you want to keep it that way, or make it "Imperial" codex?

If you are going to maintain it as a BH codex bugs, that is fine, I was just hoping this would replace the generic Imperial thread that got unstickied.

As warrior, I don't have the extra "tab" and my totals seem to run 2 lower than yours. Maybe the extra tab shows up when I enter pvp or something I haven't done yet. I also have a Sorc and an IA, so I would be glad to submit info on all of them as needed. The one I don't have is BH.
I would love to update it with the other classes, however since I am not chasing entries with my alts it will be difficult to compile an accurate list for the other classes. I have no issues adding and crediting anything submitted here. At the moment, we only have the 1 entry you mentioned... and adding that one in any way would make it seem out of place.

As for the extra tab it is REALLY skinny and at the very top of the list of categories. Again it has no name, but if you roll over it you'll see.