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12.19.2011 , 09:45 AM | #9
1. Hammer Station isnt the easiest FP in the game, infact its the first really tough one
2. I did this with my 17 Seer Healer and we wiped 3 times at the last boss because i had trouble healing everybody, so i practiced and got better
3. That the trinity would be used here was clear for a long time, so read the forums before buying a game
4. challenging content has nothing to do with elitists but with our skill to play our class and as a group
5. if 2 droids hit u for 600 each, how about CCing 1 of them?
6. You have seen 2 FP in this game out of 10-15 for each faction (dont know the exact numbers), how about doing the rest? maybe theres more to come that suits u better?
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