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as far as gear checks go... I went though it for the first time and NEVER hit an enrage timer except once when half the DPS died on kephess, and we were so far ahead of the timer it still didn't kick in until 8%. the gear check is light, and for a tankassin the gear check is near non-existent.

you can immunity through the incinerate armor debuff, so the only check for you is can you survive kephess' cleave and BOTM.

nailing down mechanics can smooth out the fight perfectly-
1) fast tank swaps on T&Z
2) either tank swap or cheese through Inc. Armor on FB&SC
3) clear the minesweeper in 4 disarms
4) nail down the mechanic cluster F that is kephess
In the future I may just lie and say I've done it before and watch the videos or something.
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