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While I understand that you can select trainer on the left of the map to highlight them on your current map, is there a general list that tells you where exactly each trainer is located. I am on Couscant right now and cannot find a trooper trainer for the life me. If I could look at a list of locations I could go directly to it without running around trying to remember where my last trainer was.
Coruscant -- Senate Market Plaza, downstairs.
Taris -- In a line of tents visible as you exit the space port
Nar Shaddaa -- On the lower promenade, near the cantina
Tatooine -- Anchorhead, in the central market area
Alderaan -- Just outside the cantina door in the initial city quest hub
Balmorra -- Inside the bunker in Bugtown
Quesh -- Inside the same building as the cantina
Hoth -- In the "market" area of the main base, just off the elevators that go outside
Belsavis -- I don't recall 100%, but I think they're actually IN the spaceport
Voss -- I don't recall exactly again, but I know I never had a problem finding them. I want to say they're by the shuttle off-planet.
Corellia -- I was always 50 before getting here, so never bothered to look for them.