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I started a Jedi knight and honestly cannot face doing side missions again. I have done a load of pvp and am currently level 25 and the same level as my class quest. So, what I want to know is - is it possible to do class quests 1 or 2 levels below the recommended level? I don't want to spend my entire game time doing hut ball - it can be so damn frustrating.

Thank you.
Here's my suggestion - try it and find out!!

What may be boring you is the game itself, and honestly I'm not sure doing one type of quest over another is going to fix it. On the other hand, what may be boring you isn't that the side quests are "go kill X", but rather that it's too easy for you.

Try this instead. Stop doing the side quests. Just do class quests and planet chain quests until they get too hard for you. I'm usually about a level or two below my class & chain quests, & only do side quests when they're easy or fun.

Here's another idea. Do each chain in order. For example, when you get to a planet & your class quest is right on your level, do just your class quest for a level or two. Then, go back and do the planet quest for a while. It seems like you'd have to do more traveling, but I have yet to find that to be the case, since they often go to different places. And honestly, following one story for a while is more fun than following several different stories.
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