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That's 6% crit total, 3% ranged, 3% tech. You don't need stabilizers because you are designed as a kiting class, keep your distance, keep moving always.
Totally disagree. Yes a pyro has to keep moving but your main dps mechanic is dependent on powershot. You need stabilizers to make sure you get the powershots off or your dps goes in the tolet crit or no crit. Although this is a solid guide for pve you made a handful of mistakes on the pvp side and just seem to dismiss anyone that has a counter point. t-assassin is probably one of the best merc pyro "theorycrafters" on the forum and one of the best merc pyro pvp'ers in the game. Dismissing him is just silly. I can make up that crit bonus easily in gear and buffs and hit the soft caps no problem. But I can't get push back protection unless I take stabilizers
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