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to Bonesmello
first of all responds on this

Whenever someone comes up with details like new ability names with exact values or invents new items and gives them stats, it reminds me of when I was 8 years old and drew Mario Bros. levels with pencil crayons

no abilty's no items no states are displate in my text.any1 without a brain would be affend by your state glad i have a brain and others who read my post and dont suport your text also have .... its a idee and from idee's things happen.


Bioware will think this is cute, but for practical and legal reasons they can't actually use this.

why cant they use this idee ??? BW has the licince to use starwars , for this game.
how do you think this game came on the table by looking to other games.
a other thing looking at all dif games on the market if its mmo, mnmo or shooting , racing doesnt matter
things from 1 game you can find in other games and visa versa.
if its up to me they can use this idee for futher updates and i think there are more ppl with idee's
some good and some idee's are beter then others.

if you want to respond undermind it not give a sensless qoute about your playtime when you were 8 years old.