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First, I kinda resent the wording of "cry" and "whine" ( which are insulting) since you're basically implying that you hold yourself above them and consider those complaints and "wants" as an irrational child's whim disregarding them from the get go.
Whilst I do see your point I think perhaps you're seeing insult where it's not intended (though, of course, I can't speak for Zandilar and might be wrong).

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Second, what's the deal with "exclusive" content in a game ? What's so great about it ? I never understood that.
A game is supposed to bring entertaintment to a lot of people. The more people can enjoy the content the better. More options for everybody, better. IMO, of course.
I've no issue with exclusive content and yet I seem to be in the minority of players who actually enjoyed the wide options of DA2. In a game as big as an MMO I can see the possibility of exclusive content and plenty of options for everyone.

The 'deal' with exclusive content, though, is that there's this belief (which in my mind is slightly misplaced) that a character can't be straight for one player, gay for another and bi for a third and still maintain 'believability'. The only three ways to maintain believability in the face of this belief are, of course: 1) to make some people miss out; 2) to include a buttload of exclusive characters of many types; or 3) both.

I personally don't hold with it. The rules for making a character believable in the interactive, private world of PC-to-NPC relationships is by necessity different to the rules for making a believable character in a non-interactive story. That's why erotic fanfic occurs. It's the process of making a non-interactive story into an interactive experience. Sure, there's some terrible fanfic out there but there's some extremely good stuff as well; one could see the character options in, say, DA2 as being the midpoint between the two.

It's no more or less believable to say Fenris is straight than it is to say he's gay or bi, or that Kira is straight, or lesbian, or bi. They can legitimately be whichever is appropriate to the PC, and this can be done well. It's the Choose Your Own Adventure of relationships. See, I know what they said at the Summit and I disagree with it. 'That's not writing; that's not good storytelling'. It can be bad storytelling but it can also be good depending on the quality of the writing and (an important factor the writers have no control over) the willingness of the player to let themselves be absorbed into the story*. To summarily dismiss the option is their choice, of course; it's their game and in the end we can only offer our suggestions. But I think it's vastly oversimplifying the matter.

* = By this I mean, simply, that it doesn't matter how good a writer you are or the approach you take if the reader/player has either no capacity or no willingness to suspend disbelief. Some people are tremendously picky and with the audience as wide as it is for this game there will always be some people who are 'disappointed' even if only because they don't want relationships in the game at all.
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