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They are not going for the "all bisexual" route.
As far as I'm concerned, BW never did. DA2 (best game in this regard ) had all LIs available to both genders, only 1 was openly bi. The others, up to the player to stamp a label on their foreheads (or not)
Never thought of that but you made me realise that they could actually make them (via the conversation) be Gay when the player is of the same sex and decides to choose the [flirt] options and straight when the PC is opposite character. After all it does not matter that your Mako is darker skinned than mine ( via companion customisation) why should it matter that mine be straight and yours gay?

This would not prevent some (Kaliyo ?) to be bi as their story already suggests it.

On a side note some mentionned ME (1 2 3) about SGR. One thing that I liked in that serie is the way Jack actually acknowledge the advances of the female shepard and turns her down. I do not mean that shepard liked to be turned down but I thought that it was good writing to actually deal with the situation as adults would.

P.S.: In some post it seems ( to me) implied that wanting SGR is linked with being GLB as a player. To me it is not. It has to do with the charaters I play not who I am. I am a male and it does not prevent me from playing female characters. I am straight why would that mean that I am not interested in playing charaters that are GLB and therfore wanting the SGR?
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