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Second, what's the deal with "exclusive" content in a game ? What's so great about it ? I never understood that.
A game is supposed to bring entertaintment to a lot of people. The more people can enjoy the content the better. More options for everybody, better. IMO, of course.

They can do LGBT characters that are non-romanceable and also provide "herosexual" LIs so I can do a romance story arc with the person I want to for my PC. If you are playing a heterosexual PC, you typically have this privilege (ME3 being the only exception, but there were so many heterosexual romances that I don't think most people cared about romancing two side characters added in the last game).

I look at this from a "role-playing" perspective...I'd like to have as many RP options as possible to increase the chance that I can play through the story with my character in the way that I want to in order to maximize my enjoyment of the often painful leveling experience. It seems Zandilar is looking at it with "representation" in mind. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive though...again, non-romance companions can provide representation.

I also don't see them ever doing romances with companions that are SGRA exclusive in TOR.