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I have a level 22 trooper and at first I loved the story. I was 4 levels above what I should have been but I soon realised that to stay on level I would have to do all the side missions, flashpoints etc. I cannot stand pvp on my trooper.

Now, the problem is EVERY side mission is the same. Go to location a, kill x of y, go to location b, kill z of y, kill boss, return.

I started a Jedi knight and honestly cannot face doing side missions again. I have done a load of pvp and am currently level 25 and the same level as my class quest. So, what I want to know is - is it possible to do class quests 1 or 2 levels below the recommended level? I don't want to spend my entire game time doing hut ball - it can be so damn frustrating.

Thank you.