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I think that could be quite believable if it fits someone's backstory and they only do it for one character. If it's written well.
I agree with you, which is why I didn't say they shouldn't do it at all, just that they shouldn't do it with all of them...

With respect, Zandilar, I wonder if this is more pessimism than anything that's making you say this.

Personally I don't think this'll be the case. The primary thing that was touted at the Summit (and I believe it was true) is that they're approaching SGRAs from a position of 'good writing'. Now that's as subjective as all hell but I don't think that the team that refuses to go the hero-sexual route is going to go het-and-bi-but-not-gay route. Those two things don't fit.
Sadly, I am a pessimist. I don't see PCsexual as the same as het-and-bi-but-not-gay. If the bi characters are really bi and well written, then they can fill the niche for those of us who want SGRAs, while still serving as OGRAs. It means overall less characters are needed. When you start adding exclusively same sex attracted characters to the game, you start exponentially increasing the numbers. They might be able to get away with making some of the superfluous male companions SGRAable, however, they would definitely need to add new female LIs because all existing female characters (with the exception of SCORPIO) are OGRA LIs.

I will confess two things: Firstly, that I haven't seen complaining of this nature. Secondly, that I avoid reviews, fan-rants and forums dedicated to the feedback of games like ME3 specifically so that I don't see whining of this kind.
I am sure you only stick to this thread on this forum too. Because General is about as nice and positive as the BSN ME3 forums. Believe me, if they make a new attractive female LI SGRA only, there are going to be players who will want her available to their male characters, and they will not be backwards in coming forwards about it (nor will they be particularly polite about it). (Women don't seem to be as bad on this, for some reason... I personally suspect that's because many women (straight or not) are fans of m/m slash stuff.)

I disagree. I think that depends on the person. I don't consider it to be whining when I say I'd like my JK to end up dating Kira, and that I was greatly disappointed to find out this wasn't possible. The reason I don't think it's whining is because currently we have no alternatives to making such statements. I don't begrudge heterosexual NPCs, not at all. Morrigan won't get it on with female Wardens and I'm fine with that. But in DAO - and DA2 - there are alternatives. There are NPCs who will dig the PC. In SWTOR there's not.
I don't think it's whining either (and that was probably the wrong word for me to use in the first place). And, what's more, I mostly agree with you. This was kind of the point I was trying to make.

If there were it would be a totally different matter. I don't see this situation as being hypocritical in the least because we have, as pro-SGRA players, been backed into a corner and told "NO."

To be clear I don't think that was BW:A's intention. But that's still what happened. So now we can only match our foiled expectations that a Bioware game would be LGBT-friendly to the companions that are currently in the game.
What happens if, when they add SGRAs to the game, the female ones are all new? Will that stop people from being disappointed they don't get their Kira or Mako or Watcher 2? No, it won't. Will it stop people from asking for them? No, probably not.
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