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I would raise this point for those having difficultly with the last boss. The sweeping gunfire aoe centers on whoever has aggro at the start of the cast and is a big cone. If the tank initiates and can maintain aggro it is possible to turn the boss so only hit the tank is within the cone. It much the same thing as turning the turrets of stormcaller and firebrand in EC.

What i tend to do at level for the fight is have the tank go to the right of the console while the other party members go left. This way you have party members near both add spawn points as well more room to avoid the red circle bombs and keep the gunfire aoe on one person.

Fighting the boss straight on form the corridor is a death sentence because the gunfire cone covers the entire hallway at 20-30m from the boss. guess where most people stop and hang out during a boss fight.

Cheers all and hope i helped.
Perfect summary. I have recently levelled 2 characters through this level range. On my Powertech Tank, I did exactly this, and typically standing at the console I can either use a DFA or other attacks to grab the aggro on the adds, and the sweeping gunfire is always aimed at me, the healer and DPS only have to worry about the stuff on the ground. Success rate has been 90% or better (although attempting to use Mako as healer really doesn't work, she stands in the red circles and takes a tonne of damage).

With my Sniper, however, tanks have tried to do all sorts of bizarre things, and usually ignore my advice about standing with their back to the console -- result, lots of wipes and ragequits from them.