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07.27.2012 , 04:58 AM | #14
In my opinion EC Story is A LOT harder than both EV MH and KP HM.

All fights are mechanical harder than both Ops and I still find Boss 2 and Boss 4 provide good DPS checks.

That being said EC Story is definatley doable in Full Columi and better so in my opinion I would view your gear as above minimum for a Guild run. Most guilds are prepared to be patient and come back another day if you get stuck on a boss and don't mind helping people learn fights. Tanks in particular have to be on their toes a lot more than in other Ops.

However for a PUG run it would all depend on the rest of my group was made up. If I already knew I had some undergeared people in the group then I would know that I'd need an experienced and very well equipped tank then I'd have to make a judgement call and decide the likelihood of success. Obviously with an Op it may not jsut be about your gear but about the average gear of the whole Op.