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Infiltration shadow relies on stealth, though not that much since u don't have any attack that actualy requieres u being stealthed. But its single target dmg allowing u to sneak up on Strong mob (silver star) and burn him down in the group and then take the others. Shadow Technique is used.

Balance on the other hand have a Strong AoE attack (allowing u to hit 3 foes at once) and then u have high dmg DoTs that u can put on every1 in the grp and watch them die running around a using Double-strike and instant Mind Crush. Balance shadow should open up with a Project followed by Force in Balance and DoTs. U will rarely and better never use Shadow Strike because its just waste of energy. Force Technique is used.

Kinetic as others said is typical Tank with high survivability but 30-40% less dmg output. Combat Technique is used.
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