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Hi all

some time ago there was a post about ""what do you want to see has a new event""
Was thinking about PODRACE event seeing its a story lore within startwars.

The race it self is open for all lvl's ( between 15 and 50 you need to fly to tatooni with your ship ).

Basic Story :
GRAGFULL THE HUTT a all know underworld boss was lookking to expand his empire and to earn more money
within the war between the factions (rep and the imp) accross the univers, no easy task ,he needed to plan a sceem
for both factions to let him be doing his evil sceem but making money from both sites.

A idee was born a legal race open for both factions on neutral place THE EV.PODRACE.

on a planeet like tatooni in the dune sea .On tatooni in the 1 week off the month for a time periode of 5 days
a small city of tents and a big palace is placed to start of for this event.
here we can find all kind of vendors (explaned later) and a big palace look alike for the BIG HUTT him self.

Gameplay and start :
game play it self wil be based on a 3d race game we all played before ( flight battle in this game)
up to 6 racers can take place at same time across a dangers road.
start wil take place by talking to a race mentor he puts you in a que ,when que has been formed,you get
warped to your podrace (random look).this race mentor is open for both factions meaning that the race it self can be mixed with players from both factions.
( grp or single que is a option ).

you get a new taskbar with dif options like BRAKE,Trottle,FIRE buton. and turbo option.

the race it self wil take place in ronds of 3 , on the race track are options like extra speed , shielding .
the fire option is not to kill your fellow racers but to slow down his speed how more you hit a other racer he get a debuff what wil take off after a few sec , by schielding your self you can protect your speeder from this or when you are lucky find the speedboost to get away.

rewards , vendors:
what would a race be without a reward , the rewards are marks (like wz or FP) look a like.
with these marks you can buy all kind of stuff from vendors.

to make it difficult from the 6 players only the 3 first wil get a reward.
1 get 6marks
2 get 4marks
3 get 2 marks

1) crewskill items, affections items (very cheap)
2) new skills for you crewskill (bio.mech,tech ed.) ( cheap )
3) pets and toys ( normal price)
4) new gear (orange for all classes ) with open slots ( expencive)
5) new speeder looking like a podrace (so you can race in the openworld with friends) (very expencive)

the price of the vendors is based on the 5 days timer this event is a life and the fact it returns every month,
meaning get a new gear or a new speeder wil take some time to get.

ofc a race doesnt end with 1 race a day , setup is that you can que has often has you want BUT ONLY the 1 race of the day wil grant you a reward.

what is a race without a race all round winner , every win (1.2.or3 place) give a rankscore at the end of a season lets say 6 months the hight score wins a season prize (looking like a title or a item useable for fun).

thats the basic for the event it self.

To make it more interssed they can add a enemy to THE HUTT planes in this case of a event boss
like a world boss.this boss is a 8 man fight with his own weakness and strenght.

story event boss.( open to lvl 50 char ).

LIke every crime boss our GRAGFULL THE HUTT has many rivals in this case a underworld lord called
strathos a human whos impire of thieves is also located on tatooni
every 2 days (2day and 4day) this eventboss shows up on the event and makes trouble for our racers.
this boss is a hugh animal looking like a rancor and a lizard type.(rampaging around and killing npc)
this eventboss it self cant be killed to get to this eventboss you need to form a grp and talk to GRAGFULL THE HUTT
him self, he's send you to the dune sea (instand warp place looks like the dunesea but its a Fpoint)
in this Fpoint you fight the boss.
this boss isnt a farm boss meaning 1st time you killed him you dont get anymore loot or change on loot in a other fight.for the time periode of this week event.(eventboss self).

AFter the fight against the event boss you return to GRAGFULL THE HUTT for his reward and you get A BIg
TY you for your time.................... yeah hes a HUTT and cheap

Its just a idee for a event with along lifetimespan (i hope) based on dif thing i saw/see in game mechanics
in this game and other games.its not perfect its like i wrote basic idee.
hope ppl like it and BW take a note from this for futher gameupdate's ty for reading.

let me know what you think .sorry for bad english.