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07.27.2012 , 03:35 AM | #12
When I first started tanking EC with assassin, I had only columi armor for all armor pieces and the only rakata stuff was implants and earpiece from daily commendations vendor and artifice crafted relics, and no black hole or other higher tier stuff at all, and that was all fine.

And yes, EC storymode is harder than EV/KP hardmodes, but not that much more demanding for gear.

But I have noticed also that many people demand from random pugs that they don't know to have better gear than what could be the minimum requirement just to be on the safe side because they don't know how good that player is.

Now for the real question....

Would I have taken the OP in as tank if I had to pug someone from general chat to do Denova?
No, probably not.
But this is mainly because of the fact that he does not know the operation and does not know any tactics (which are at some fights even more demanding for tanks), and I have no way of knowing how good he is, and not so much because of his gear.

Now of course if it was mostly a guild run and everyone was on voice chat, we could teach even a new player how to do the fights there, but I would much rather do that with someone whom I have at least seen in action somewhere else first.