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07.27.2012 , 02:42 AM | #6
When I hit 50 with my gaurdian I shelved it as soon as I laid my eyes on the ridiculousness of the pvp/armr for the JK class at lvl 50. I means what the hell - the pvp helmet has Viking horns!

Pve isn't much better - bodunkodunk robes that like the ones I avoided like the plague leveling up, and weird orange stuff with stupid green shoulder pads that would clearly block peripheral vision while serving no practical purpose, and wiring and odds and ends protruding from all over the place, and other nonsensical shenanigans.

Re-rolled an agent instead of spending my time gearing up in the jk stuff and I'm glad I did. Better story, more fun abilities, stealth, and the best looking lvl 50 armor of any class. Checked that before starting out this time Lolz