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Full Name: Ravvok

Middle Name: Voltaire

Last Name: Durandal

Race: Human

Nickname: Reaper

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Balmorra

Age: 28

Height: 6'2

Weight: 186

Hair Color/Style: Brown, long-ish and unkept

Facial Appearance: Scar going diagonally up to the right across his face

Eye Color: Yellow

Body Appearance: Average

Home Planet: Korriban

Current Residence: His ship

Allegiance: Darth Morva

Profession: Sith Marauder

Armor/Clothes: Elite Sith assassin armor (see forum avatar (recognize the armor?))

Primary Weapon: Two yellow lightsabers

Secondary Weapons: The Force, vibroknife, double-bladed yellow lightsaber

Misc. Items: Datapad, wrist-mounted holocommunicator


Growing Up (0-12)
Ravvok was born in to a family of Balmorran resistance soldiers. He was trained to fight the Empire's attack forces. However, at age 9, he was discovered by a Sith warrior leading a strike team. However, a Jedi knight swooped in at the last second. The warrior and the knight clashed. After a long fight, the Sith prevailed, and he took Ravvok to Korriban. The young boy trained for 3 years before turning into a juvenile, when he accessed his true inner power.

Juvenile Years (13-17)
Ravvok grew up around a lot of violence. He witnessed Overseer Harkun's harsh methods and Overseer Tremel's idiotic training methods. He witnessed many students going in to the ritual chamber, and none coming out. He witnessed many go to activate the Red Engine, yet none returning. Finally, at age 15, Ravvok was given a vibroblade and sent in to the Tomb of Ajunta Pall to kill tomb looters. He killed remorselessly; at the end of each day, we would have fresh blood splattered across his face and clothes. Finally, at the age of 17, he went to activate the Red Engine, and he came out, drenched in klorslug blood and guts. He had finally earned his lightsaber. But instead of crafting one, he crafted two.*

Eight Years of Exile (18-26)
After his success at the Red Engine, Ravvok was ambushed by another apprentice, Callito, who attempted to kill Ravvok. After Ravvok impaled Callito on a wallspike, the boy was taken into custody for two years. Then, he was put in to exile. Before he left, he recovered his lightsabers from the weapons vault. He hunted and grew stronger on Dromund Kaas. The jungle provided many foes. While training, at age 21, he met a Sith hermit who began schooling Ravvok in the ways of dual-lightsaber combat. The hermit also taught the boy how to use a saberstaff. Ravvok then killed his hermit-master. Finally, he arrived at Dromund Kaas spaceport and boarded the ship heading to Balmorra.

Balmorra Campaign (27-28)
Ravvok has remained on Balmorra since he returned from exile in the jungles of Dromund Kaas. When he heard about the escalation of the war, his thirst for blood of the Jedi lead him to attempt to kill a Jedi Master named Auro. Ravvok succeeded, however Auro left a large lightsaber scar on the marauder's face.
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