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07.26.2012 , 10:20 PM | #19
For the most part my experiences in running the SM ops and Tier 1 FP have been fine. Sometimes things go wrong or you get the occasional tool, but really not a big deal.

Lost Island, on the other hand, is an absolute nightmare. People jump in and have never run it and never watched a video of it. Come on people, it is Tier 2 for a reason. The other day was on my tank. Rakata/Black Hole gearer. Got to the first mini-boss that does huge spike damage. Jumped in, activated defensive attacks, hit both cooldowns. As soon as second CD expired, health dropped until I was dead. Oh, lets blame the tank who was getting no heals for the wipe. Uh, adds are dead, tank has aggro full time on boss. Why is healer doing nothing but heal tank? No one else should be taking damage, and if moron DPS are taking damage, screw them for being idiots.