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That does help, thanks! Columi gear, will i be able to rip the mods out and put in my current gear? Same with the recruit gear?
Recruit gear isn't modded so you won't be able to rip mods out and put mods in.

However, you can do that (both ways) with Columi gear. Be aware that Columi gear comes with "Set Bonuses" which can be useful (some more so than others -- as a Commando dps I can't live without the 4-piece bonus). I'm not that familiar with the Guardian set bonus so someone else would have to speak to that.

That said, you are likely to get more mileage out of replacing your current gear with the Columi once you get it. If you get Black Hole gear, you can rip the mods out of those and put them in the Columi pieces.

Now, if you have a really nice set of orange gear that you like the look of, and you don't care about the set bonus, then you can rip the Columi mods out and put them in your orange gear. The only restriction being the Armoring needs be of the same gear type (Chest/Gloves/etc) but the Mod/Enhancements can be mixed/matched.