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07.26.2012 , 05:07 PM | #8
Yeah this fight is pretty easy if the tank turns the boss around and tanks with his back to that panel. DPS should stand opposite the tank. DPS also need to move out of the red circles and depending on the tank, AoE the adds to keep them off the healer. He does have a knockback so making sure you are in front of that console is really important.

In terms of interupts: this boss (like almost all others) is immune to interupts. The only issue I can see is not having an AoE taunt for the adds, but I'd say thats more of an issue with the first droid than this guy.

What you (should) learn from this boss is that the tank needs to keep mobs facing away from the group and the DPS need to NOT stand next to the tank and keep out of the red circles. It's a pretty easy fight if you can do those things but as bad as EC if you can't.