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I just recently dinged 50 on my JK guardian and at first i expected to just pretty much put her on the shelf and move on to an alt. Turns out i have to much fun on that toon and can't just shelf her lol. This is my first 50 and i've heard alot about dailies, HMs (hard mode flashpoints i'm guesing?), OPs (operations, obviously?), and ultimately gearing yourself out. I just have a few questions about these things, among other things. Figured this would be the best place to ask.

1. I've started running the dailies on correlia, belsavis, and ilium. I've heard these are the only spots for them, is this correct? Also, with all the daily commendations i went ahead and bought the purple guardian hilt and all the purple armoring i need from the daily vendors on these worlds, i didn't waste those did i? And whats the next thing i should be saving up those commendations for?

2. The hardmode flashpoints. I haven't started doing any of these yet, partly because im not sure if i'm "geared out" enough to be useful to the group. Are there unspoken requirements that groups generally look for? I'm a vengance guardian and will be using the group finder to que up for dps spots so as not to be expected to tank.

3. Kind of ties into question 1 but, is there certain gear i should aiming for? On the fleet i've looked at rakata, tionese, black hole, things like that, but don't know how to get the commendations for these and i hate how they look. The mods are really what matter and i'll be able to just pull them out and put them in what i currently have, correct? All the other 50s i see running dailies, many have 18-20k endurance, while i sit at 16-17k. Really makes me wonder how to make it that far.

4. Finally, getting credits. Just running the dailies a good amount has been flowing in, but i've got my eye on a purple lightsaber crystal on the market, and they seem to go for 1-2mil . Im almost at 400 synthweaving, same with archeology and underworld trading, is there a good way to get some credits through this? Selling crafted items doesnt seem to really be the answer, i think, as the time invested in getting the materials, then waiting to craft them, when they only sell for 20-50k, if they sell, on the market. Honestly, i haven't given getting credits to much thought so i could be wrong, and crafting and selling is the answer. Or is just selling groups of high end crafting material the way to go?

Also, for my companion i've been running with doc for heals. Got him geared out with the best level gear i could find, and afford, on the market. Focused on cunning. That the way to go? Or should i buy him some orange gear and invest more heavily into gearing him up? And are there certain mobs, places that a purple crystal might drop? I know they're rare but any tips on how to get them other than buying off the market?

Think that's all thats been bugging me lately, sorry if this is the wrong spot to be asking questions like this or if these questions have been asked many times. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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