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My friend and I (both 50s) duo'd Battle of Ilum and False emperor as relatively new 50s. (my second 50, his first, but I retired the other one). We later decided that level 50 was a little slow, (don't get me wrong, Ops are a lot of fun, but getting gear takes awhile) so we made some Alts. I am a guardian tank, he is a commando DPS, and we decided the other side will be fun. He made a power tech, I made a Sith Marauder. I decided to stop the marauder, and try an Operative. I loved it. (the Op is level 44 now)
So, my Operative and his PowerTech strolled into Hammer station, with our shiny cyber tech grenades, his mako heals, and my Kolto injections. First boss went down hard, he did most of the damage, while I shot down explosive droids, and kept Kaliyo busy, second boss was a little more tricky, but I did a 1-minute stun on the medic, so we managed to tank them down. Then came the overseer...
He was very hard. I'm not even sure if we beat him. But, I learned his mechanic, almost ALL of his abilities are AoEs. His "sweeping gunfire" is also just an AoE. Even if you don't see a circle, and even if the blaster fire doesn't hit you; MOVE. The big PowerTech oof didn't move at all, really. And I was lethality spec, not healing spec, so I couldn't help him. The battle was lost.
If you are too lazy to read my story, here is the short version: kill the reinforcements he summons, make sure you have a healer (even if it is a companion), and DONT STOP MOVING.
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