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07.26.2012 , 02:38 PM | #13
Been running the group finder pretty frequently the last two weeks (guessing in the range of at least 20 runs), gearing up a new alt. I would say the vast majority of runs have been good to great, and not once have I seen any name calling or yelling.

Yesterday I got paired with a tank that didn't focus on picking up any adds apart from the one he was shooting at, caused several wipes due to not know mechanics on bosses, and in general was setting a really slow pace. Thought I'd see a *****torm of angry name calling. But nope! No complaining whatsoever, even though we had quite a few wipes. Just a bunch of friendly remarks and some advice on how to deal with the encounters. Just a sample of two guys, I know, but that was pretty heart warming in this day and age.

On the note of woes, I've tried queuing for OPs over the last two days, this doesn't seem to work too well (currently been sitting in queue for 5 hours without a run starting, EU prime time). I guess people in general aren't interested, but the system is also a bit prone to abuse. Seems to be a severe lack of tanks and healers, which means their queues are close to instant. A couple of hours ago my queue started popping, just to have it say that a potential group member has declined. That was repeated a few times, and I could see it was the same tank or healer (not sure which one of them) that never hit ready. Guess it's not too much of an issue, but it's a bit annoying to be spammed by that big window for 10 minutes knowing the run won't start anyway.

Another, bigger issue I have is that you can't group while in queue. If BW could work out a way for us to do whatever we please while waiting in queue I think it would make more people use it.

Also, 2 minutes time to accept an invite almost makes me afraid to zone, with the loading times this game has.