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at this level the gear is terrible, we don't have the majority of our abilities and only a few skill points.... the final boss has high damage, high armor and 3 or 4 different movement mechanics. the only time it goes flawless is when its' a guild run in vent and we're all twinked, or if there's at least one toon in the mid 20's - preferably a tank or healer.

having to outlevel an instance shouldn't be part of the mechanics of the instance.

yes i get it, some of you can solo nyghtmare mode's at lvl 1 with nothing but grey gear because you're leet and can L2P and you're pro, we're noobs and any other stupid internet trash talk and self gloss you can come up with.

for the rest of us, it's a bit off-putting as at lvl 16 through 20 we are in fact learning 2 play our toons and tanks don't have taunts in many cases, and healers don't have all their heals.. either tune it down a tad.. maybe take out one of the boss aoe's, or increase their timers, maybe spawn only one add, or make his armor not so awsome. i don't care. failing repeatedly with different /LFG's shouldn't be 'the way' an instance is until i hit 25 and then can then go through and faceroll
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