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07.26.2012 , 11:24 AM | #1
As a sage/sorc who refuses to re-roll I'm hereby announcing my retirement. I simply can't take it anymore and it's not fun.

I'm still doing "fairly" good but it's more exhausting than I can imagine it being on a professional level. Lose focus for one second and you are gone. Add to this that class distribution currently is way off and I rarely come across a class that I have the burst to match, meaning that if I don't have the range and upper hand from start I'm pretty much a goner. The problem with range is that as a sorc/sage you can't be in the zerg and if you try to hide in the outskirts you will instantly get focused since the concensus seems to be that "sage= free kill".
It has reached the point where other classes will turn around and attack me even when they only have 20 % health and I'm on full, knowing that unless I have most stuff off CD there's a good chance they'll burst through me. My class has seemingly become the objective and there's rarely a moment when I'm not chased by one or two people.

Here's my last two games, showing current class distribution. I did not pick out these games, this is simply how it is in basically every game now and I blame you, the community, for the current situation. BW screwed up but no one forced you to re-roll mara/PT/sniper. I'm aware that it's a bit hypocritical for me to up and quit but I've endured for some time now and it eventually got the best of me. If I were to re-roll I'd be just as bad as you and BW would still get their money and keep on not caring. It doesnt help that BW isnt saying **** and potential tweaks seemingly are far into the future, assuming that they will change things since it's obviously a "L2P" issue. A L2P issue would mean that every dps sorc/sage out there currently is a sub-par player.

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