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1.3.4a Patch Notes
Fixed an issue that could allow players to gain unearned items or crafting materials.

Absolutely nothing the game needed to be taken down for, this could have and should have waited until Tuesday
Absolutely agree with said statement. I really wish they would choose what a priority is compared to what can wait for the regular maintenance. I guess I am in the minority that wakes up at 3am every morning to get in an hour to play before heading off to work at 430am. End up getting home at 6pm and off to bed at 930pm to do it all over again the very next day which leaves me an extremely short window to play. Now throw in the "unexpected maintenance downtime" for stuff which can be held off until the regular maintenance schedule on Tuesday's which seems to be every week and it gets real old real quick. Woke up this morning yet again to see the servers down and wouldn't be up for 4 hours.. well after i was already at work (takes me 2 hours to drive to work).

Heaven forbid said person does not get that primordial artifact or those Augmentation Slot Component from RE'ing greens or even crafting an item. Those individuals after seeing they didn't receive anything would have put in a ticket and relized it was being worked on and held off RE'ing or crafting anything after and could wait a week. Absolutly nothing that couldn't wait to bring down the servers.
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