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Warzone Priority System by role:

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Objective of that warzone
2. Help another player complete the objective of that warzone
3. Kill and interrupt enemy healers
4. Kill enemy dps attacking your own healers
5. Kill enemy tanks guarding other enemies
6. DO NOT focus on doing a lot of damage instead of helping with objectives

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Objective of that warzone
2. Help another player complete the objective of that warzone
3. Keep yourself and your teammates alive
4. CC (Crowd Control/Stun) enemy high priority targets (healers or dangerous dps)
5. DO NOT stay alive instead of helping with an objective, it is ok to die sometimes, you can come back in 5 seconds

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Objective of that warzone
2. Help another player complete the objective of that warzone
3. Guard teammates who heal
4. Taunt enemy players attacking your team's healers
5. Attack/Interrupt enemy healers
6. Use abilities which reduce the damage of enemy players
7. DO NOT leave people you are guarding because then it stops working. Support your teammates

OBJECTIVES OF EACH WARZONE (may include, but not limited to):

Offense: Move the ball forward towards the enemy goal. This can be accomplished by running it, but passing it to teammates who are closer to the goal than you is much better (generally). Do not kill enemies who are very far from their own goal line, because this will send them across the map and put them in a position to kill your teammate who is trying to score. Guard and heal your teammate who is carrying the ball, all of your enemies will be trying to kill them. Stun enemy players who may be in a position to stop your teammate who is carrying the ball, this is particularly important around the goal line. If you cannot help your teammate try to score, then it is important to control the middle of the map where the ball respawns. This is important because if the ball respawns, you may be able to get an advantage by moving the ball before the enemy players can get back to attack you.

Defense: Kill the enemy ball carrier. Kill the healers healing the enemy ball carrier. Stun the enemy ball carrier, and the people healing them. Sometimes you may not be able to get back to kill the enemy ball carrier, it happens, so instead you should head towards the middle where the ball respawns and attempt to pick it up or stop the enemy players from getting it until your team can recover and come help.

Offense: The most important part of this is to plant the bomb by clicking on the door. If one of your teammates is already clicking on the door, it now becomes your job to find enemy players to stun (this way they cannot attack your teammate who is planting). If there are no enemy players around, then position yourself between the door and where the enemy players respawn from (this is above you in the middle of the map). You will want to stun them or knock them back to keep them from attacking your teammate who is planting the bomb. If an enemy is very far behind the next door that needs to have a bomb planted on it, then do not kill them. Just slow them down because if you kill them they are teleported closer to the doors that need bombs on them.

Defense: ALWAYS WATCH THE DOORS. No matter where you are fighting or what you are doing, always check on where the enemy needs to plant their bomb in the middle of the door. Sometimes enemies can try to plant a bomb while you are distracted. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look at the doors. Call for help if you think you may die. It is better to call for help early before you die, this gives your teammates more time to move to the door that needs more defenders. It is more important to stay alive and delay a bomb being planted than it is to try to kill an enemy. If you buy your team an extra 5 seconds, then maybe the respawn door will open and you will get reinforcements.

Civil War
Attacking a turret: Attack the turret with the fewest number of enemies defending it. When attacking a turret which is currently controlled by the enemy, make sure you do your best to kill enemy healers by marking them and focusing them down all together. If the enemy healer is dead, then you can kill the other enemies much more quickly. When one of your teammates is capturing the turret (by clicking on it) it is now your job to find an enemy to stun so that they cannot interrupt your teammate. If you do not see any enemies, then go to where they land from their speeder trip. This is typically in front of the turret at the bottom of the steps on the side of the enemy ship. Stuns and knockbacks are very important because this can buy your teammate the time required to capture a turret.

Defending a turret: ALWAYS WATCH THE TURRET TO MAKE SURE NO ENEMIES ARE CAPTURING IT. No matter who you are fighting or if you are close to killing someone, watch the turret and interrupt enemies attempting to capture it. When learning how to pvp, it may be a good idea to keep at least 2 people at one turret to defend. This gives an extra set of eyes to watch the turret and look out for incoming enemies. Always tell your teammates if enemies are on their way to attack you. This is important because it allows your teammates to move to the turret you are at in order to keep your enemies from capturing it. Stunning your enemies and staying alive in order to delay their capture of your turret is also very important because it will give your teammates more time to reinforce your position.

Novare Coast:
Attacking a bunker: Attack a postion where there are the fewest number of enemies. Kill enemy healers so that it is easier to kill the rest of the enemies. If one of your teammates is capturing the bunker, you should stun/delay any enemies who are coming to stop your teammate. It is generally easier to capture the bunker closest to your respawn point. This is due to the fact that you are close to it when you respawn, but when your enemies respawn they are further away from it (and are not able to get back as quickly to stop you from capturing the bunker).

Defending a bunker: WATCH THE BUNKERS TO MAKE SURE NO ENEMIES ARE CAPTURING IT. Always be looking for enemies who are trying to capture the bunker while you are distracted. When you see enemies coming to your bunker to attack, tell your team so that they can come help. Stay alive and continue to interrupt the enemies from capturing your bunker. When learning how to pvp, it may be a good idea to keep at least 2 people at one bunker to defend. This gives an extra set of eyes to watch the bunker and look out for incoming enemies.

In General: Don't just follow the rest of your teammates. Look to see where you are, and make sure that enough people are defending an objective. Understand that defending an objective is much easier than trying to attack an objective. If you have questions, then ask your team. Try to learn all of your abilities and know when to use them. You may have some special attacks or defensive abilities which can greatly increase your warzone effectiveness.

Good luck in warzones and I hope this helps some of you better understand what can help you win. Please feel free to add comments/suggestions.