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12.13.2011 , 12:44 PM | #1
With the first day of EGA almost completed and many still not being able to play it will be interesting to see how the management of the server loads is done.

Looking at the server status at this moment of time, even on this first day, many are either full or high. No doubt all existing servers will be full by tomorrow so new servers will have to be put online.

This is where it will get interesting because remember people we are talking EGA access here and server loads seems quite high already. Could the scenario be that actually on game release date that there may be low resources to accommodate new players who did not pre-order?

Over the next few days it will be interesting to watch how this is managed. Oh and btw not been invited yet also and most of my preferred servers are full already LOL so playing with some friends from other MMO's seems to be highly improbable.