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Species/Race: Human
Name: Barbosoo
Middle Name: Ucho
Last Name: Colb
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Around start of the destruction of Taris and the invasion of Corellia
Place of Birth: Corellia
Age: 29
Height: 6ft 3in
Hair Color/Style: Blond
Facial Appearance: Various scars on the forehead
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Upper muscle build, very strong in legs
Home Planet: Corellia
Current Residence: Various outposts in campagins across the galaxy
Allegiance: Republic
Profession: Ex-Red Beret paratrooper, shock and rescue unit
Primary Weapon(s): Heavy assualt rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): duo blaster pistols,frag grenades and cryo-grenades
Miscellaneous Item(s): ship, speeder

Biography: Barbosoo was born into a merchant clan that traveled around corellia. He learned how to use blasters and speeders from what his family's store sold. Soon during the May riots he was soon recurited by the restance and trained.

He was finally put into a divison that would combat vechiles and supply convoys without harming the goods. Later that year he was put into the great battle at Crystal Caverna where his brother was also fighting at except on the republic side. When Barbosoo and his men were setting mines he saw his brother on a roof top sniping on their right flank.

After they were caught in a heavy cross-fire from half-tracks and tanks. After the battle Barbosoo's troop carrier got hit by a RPG and he choose that time to escape. later he made his way back to republic lines and joined the republic military.

2 years later he was on Dromund Kaas making the final push to end the war but the sith chose to nuke the city to kill as many republic soldiers and jedi as possible. Barbosoo hid himself in a cyro-frigde shielding himself from the explosion and radiation. He got frozen sith and put into a camp.

After his career ended by escaping a sith prison camp he joined the mandalorians.

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