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12.19.2011 , 09:09 AM | #1
I'm pretty bummed. Just discovered that Bioware decided to stick with the instance trifecta, tank/healer/DPS. How did i find this out? After my group of me (smuggler), 2 commandos and a Shadow had the temerity to attempt the easiest flashpoint in the game and instantly got obliterated.

I can only assume that none of them were specced for tanking and it depresses me that it is a requirement not only to have a tank class but also to be fully specced into tanking. For endgame content that sort of requirement is fine but we are all level 17.

I guess most disappointing of all is that Bioware has decided to keep this massively flawed archetype at all. Why is it so hard to just make content that requires 4 moderately skilled people of any spec/class combination to complete? I had enough of that in WoW, and frankly it was easier in WoW because at least it had an auto group system that would put you together with a tank specced tank class even if it did take a half an hour.

P.S. Bioware. Thanks for making it so that the droids in Hammer Station will aggro me from farther away if i am stealthed than they would if i were standing plainly in the open. Nice trick.