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On the plus side, I got an equally obfuscative answer from a CSR as my original, but this may have something to have hope in:

"We are happy to help with any problems that you may encounter playing the game, However, to avoid spoiling your game experience and the rich story-driven content of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we will not provide specific information on where or how to obtain specific items of equipment."
I'm guessing that's a hint that the gear is still in game. If I recall correctly, Ultratech was the highest of the pre-HM Dungeon gear, so I suspect it may drop in story mode operations.
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Hm. Makes the whole relationship kinda dark, really. I guess that... once she loses her loved one's favour, then she'll be turned to the Dark Side by some opportunistic Sith and try to kill her master, possibly while on a volcanic planet.. hey, wait a minute...