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Good advice, my suggestion and question

Add a line in about Armstechs, Synthweavers and Armormechs being able to RE items but they only get the empty shell.

Can an artificer learn the schematics for BH/campaign offhand wieldables? focus, shields and the like
Added information about reversing mainhand/offhand/armor shells =D

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What about all the people I see saying they sell augmented Battlemaster gear? I've got the Battlemaster schematic but how would I get that to be augmented every time it's crafted, like they seem to claim they do?
So, crafting BM/WH shells has nothing to do with reversing. The schematics can be purchased from a PvP vendor for 50,000 credits per set. When crafting an orange BM shell you have a certain percentage to have a critical craft which will result in an augmented shell. The critical chance is determined by inherent companion bonuses, companion affection, and legacy buffs. Additionally, ANY piece of crafted armor can be upgraded to have an augment slot at an augment table, provided that you have an appropriate augment kit. Here's a guide on how the augment process works for a more detailed explanation:
Vent Rage [vR]