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At the moment I have schematics for three enhancements: 27/57/41 End/Acc/Pow, 27/57/41 End/Surg/Pow, 27/57/41 End/Acc/Crit
And two Modifications: 53/32/41 Cunning/End/Power and 53/32/41 Cunning/End/Crit

Next I'll be working on Aim (then Willpower) mods and potentially a few Alacrity enhancements for when I finish my lowbie healer. Once I get back to the states in 3 weeks (been overseas for the last year) I'll be able to get going with one of my guild's progression groups and will hopefully be able to pick up a few armoring schematics.

Trust me, they're WELL worth the investment. I can get guildies from fresh to all BH gear minus armorings in a few days now (been stockpiling grade 8 mats for LONG time =P) and when I've got surplus, the enhancements sell VERY quicklly at 600-750k apiece =D
Im working in that direction to. I have 2 enhancements and 2 mods for warrior tanks and dps. And the Elusive mod sells easily for 750k. The grade 8 materials is a bit expensive still thou.. Thinkin about starting to do space missions. U know how often and how many Stabilizers drops from the chests?