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I hate writing Lokin. I hate writing him so much. I don't yet know whether he'll appear. Instead, have a Wednesday!

On WEDNESDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and SCORPIO.

SCORPIO: Teeseven, I think the sprinklers outside are broken. Perhaps you should check them. Some may need replacement.
T7-01: T7 = fix it // SCORPIO = good to point it out
SCORPIO: I do try to help.
T7-01 hurries out the door.
SCORPIO: Now, children. Todayís experiment will be about vegetables.
BABY ASHARA: Not again.
SCORPIO: I could repeat the pain tolerance test.
BABY ASHARA: Vegetables will do nicely.
SCORPIO: Today you will consume Duro sprouts and tell me how they taste.
SCORPIO goes to the kitchen, grabs a large stockpot full of some dark purple vegetable, and starts distributing small plates with helpings. BABIES TEMPLE, ASHARA, and RUSK dig in. BABY JORGAN wrinkles his nose and picks at it.
A small, fast-moving object of some sort zips up SCORPIOís leg and onto the nearest plate, nudges the vegetables, pauses for a second, and promptly throws itself onto the floor for a hasty retreat.
BABY VECTOR: Um. We arenít feeling so well. Perhaps we should not eat at this time.
BABY ASHARA, not noticing the fingerling: You realize thereís only one of you, right?
SCORPIO: Just because your fingerlings donít like it, Vector, doesnít mean you wonít.
BABY VECTOR: I donít know. We share our sensory experiences pretty effectively. And that was gross, Miss SCORPIO.
SCORPIO: Consume some. Tell me whether there is a difference between the perception of your scout and your own perception. I am highly interested in this data.
SCORPIO sets a large plate of Duro sprouts in front of BABY VECTOR.
BABY JORGAN: Are you sure we canít taste test something moreÖanimal-derived?
SCORPIO: Do not question my methods, child.
BABY TEMPLE and BABY RUSK keel over, retching.
BABY JORGAN: With respect, Iím questioning your methods, Miss SCORPIO.
BABY VECTOR: If you believe this is for the best, Miss SCORPIO, we will do it.
BABY VECTOR takes a bite.
BABY VECTOR: We can report that this is exactly as terrible as the fingerling reported.
BABY ASHARA, clutching her stomach and looking at the writhing forms of BABY TEMPLE and BABY RUSK: Youíre an idiot, Vector.
BABY VECTOR tries to conceal a look of disgust as he keeps eating.
SCORPIO: Thank you all for your cooperation. This is the time to announce that these are not Duro sprouts. This is the black aho of Alzoc III, and your servings are measured to the LD50 for your respective species. I have predictions regarding who will live and who will die. Frankly, Rusk is weaker than I thought.
BABY JORGAN: Thatís it. This kind of treachery wonít stand.
BABY JORGAN pounces on SCORPIO, clinging to one of her leg plates and scratching wildly. SCORPIO looks down expressionlessly, which is easy since she is always expressionless.
BABY JORGAN: Guys? A little help here?
BABY VECTOR: It is probably too late for us. We will die in the hopes that this information will enrich the nest.
BABY SCORPIO: Only my hobby experiment notebook, really.
BABY VECTOR: At least let it be said that we died well.
BABY TEMPLE, sobbing: I didnít even get to die for the Empire. Me Ďní Quinn pinky swore we would die for the Empire.
BABY RUSK: For the Republic.
BABY ASHARA: I hate you all.
The children continue rolling around in pain, except for BABY VECTOR, who holds very still, and BABY JORGAN, who is still clawing at SCORPIO.
SCORPIO: Well, children. These were Duro sprouts after all, albeit seasoned with a few highly distasteful compounds. This test was not about poisoning roughly half of you to death, amusing though that would be. It was about the survival instinct. And you all failed.
SCORPIO looks down.
SCORPIO: You were close to passing, Jorgan, only you are hopelessly outmatched in combat. Sorry.
BABY JORGAN: I hate Wednesdays.
T7-01 rolls back into the room.
T7-01: Sprinklers = fixed // someone = smashed them
SCORPIO: Petty vandalism. How distasteful.
T7-01: This bolt = found by one of the sprinklers // bolt = looks like SCORPIOís // SCORPIO = must have dropped it on the way in this morning
SCORPIO: I must have. Thank you, Teeseven. Youíre very sweet.
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