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Augment schematics come from Rich Yield Sliced Tech Parts missions in particular, and only when you crit. The exception to this would be for Augment 22 schematics, which come from the learned Slicing Missions requiring skill 340 (afaik). You get 2 random schematics that correspond to the Grade of the mission as follows:
  • Grade 1 -- Aug2-5
  • Grade 2 -- Aug6-9
  • Grade 3 -- Aug10-13
  • Grade 4 -- Aug14-17
  • Grade 5 -- Aug18-21
  • Grade 6 -- Aug22
These schematics are tradeable and can be sold on the GTN.

Like all item mods, if you want to figure out what combat level corresponds to the augment "tier", the formula for it would be (2 x tier) + 5. For an Augment 17, for example, the combat level would be (2 x 17) + 5 or 39.

Armormechs, armstechs and synthweavers all create different types of augments. Armormechs only have four different types; the other have five. Spread across all tiers from 2 to 22, that means there are 84 possible armormech schematics and 105 each for armstech and synthweaving. The follow lists show what the names of the different augments are by the crafting class that makes them, along with their primary (higher) and secondary (lower) stats [Augment 2 though Augment 6 only have primary stats]:

  • Absorb: Absorption/Endurance
  • Reflex: Aim/Endurance
  • Shield: Shield Chance/Endurance
  • Skill: Cunning/Endurance

  • Accuracy: Accuracy/Endurance
  • Critical: Critical/Endurance
  • Fortitude: Endurance/Power
  • Overkill: Power/Endurance
  • Surge: Surge/Endurance

  • Alacrity: Alacrity/Endurance
  • Command: Presence/Endurance
  • Might: Strength/Endurance
  • Redoubt: Defense/Power
  • Resolve: Willpower/Endurance
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