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((Sorry about the long post they wont be so long in the future))
Kota landed his ship in the Republic Base on dantooine. He walked through the base passing all sorts of slodiers rushing to different posts. He spotted the officer who had requested his pressence. He walked quickly, helmet in hand.

" Sir, I'm here" Kota said while saluting

"Ahh welcome Captain Terress, listen we have the ridge captured but the imps are hitting hard. we have a man who requested help at the bottom of the ridge. Domino Squad has answered the call and have deployed, I need you to help as well. " The officer responded.

"Ok sir, I'll call my squad" Kota replied.

"No time, you need to move now. That transport over there will take you to the ridge find Domino squad and assist. Call your squad if the situation becomes worse." The officer said

"Understood, sir" Kota said and then quickly walked away towards the transport.

Kota got on the transport and sat down as it took off. He could hear the sounds of the battle as they approched the ridge. Kota fiddle with his tac pad on his wrist.

Time to try out my new Armor Managment Program" He said as he put on his helmet.

The program flashed on and activated his HUD.

"Ark signed in and ready for use awaiting instructions. a mechanical voice said inside the helmet.

"Find me Domino Squad and map out a course for them." Kota ordered

"Complying .......done objective updated.

The speeder slowed to a hault. and the sound of the battle was louder than ever.

"Ok Ark, I hope you're ready"