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Me = Carnage Marauder - I give improved predation to my team at the beginning - bring your own carnage marauder or you will not beat us to any objective point first... ever. It's not hacks, it's what my class does - and it's a royal pain to keep building fury to keep it up (i lose a lot of DPS and survivability if I want to keep building fury) - frenzy is a 2m30s cooldown that gives me a full stack of fury, so that only accounts for about 1/10 of the predations I use each warzone.
Hush you. You will give people another reason to ask for a marauder nerf
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If I can use blue 46s armorings/mods/enhancements in all of my armor and mh/oh and have competitive stats in a PvP environment, why cant I use that same gear to be competitive in PvE?
Seems like a double standard to me.