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07.24.2012 , 05:37 AM | #27
Watched the video. I am disappointed.

I was hopping for the video to be of RWZ against good teams, where where good stuff happened, stuff that was worth being put into a movie, and they were quite a few. At the very least i hoped the video was against good opponents.

Instead, you made a movie about facerolling players between bad and average skill level with mostly bad gear.

The majority of the video is running 4man premade in normal WZ against terribad players and/or very poorly geared, AND vs rwz pugs man... that stuff is not even worth recording, or at the very least you find 1 good fight in dozens of hours of footage.

Playing a jugg vs randoms with a very good pocket healer like croustibat is not hard at all.

The "best" part of the video was that one rwz vs sphinx and that guild has mostly average players. That being the high end in the video is saying something.

You have the opportunity to make a great movie, we had really good fights in rwz against good teams.... and yet you chose to make an average movie, that is why i am disappointed.

You put the "Warmonger" name, the best team in the EU, on something average. And from your pov that might be ok, since you are the GM, i however would not put my name on something average...not when i want to showcase my skill.


Regarding your player ability : You are better than what it is shown in the video, why settle on average footage? Also i really wish you would stop backpedaling.


P.S. i know you probably really wanted to make a movie, and can't share rwz tactics w/e. But i would have chosen to not make a movie where i would have to settle.