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Yes i got some advice for you.

Dont play this game.
It amuses me that people can have such terrible sad lives that they have nothing better to do that go on a forum about a game they don't like and troll. I don't like WOW or COD/BF3 oddly enough I dont take part in their communities either I have better things to do with my life.

Anyways thanks for the advice, I actually now just bluntly ask if anyone could cast guard and it works sometimes ive topped healing a few times now, unlocking my troopers instant heal has been useful as well. I took Aroewarrior's advice re trying to hiding in the terrain in voidstar and it has certainly helped a lot so thank you. My biggest issue with PVP atm is the complete lack of teamwork and any co-ordination, I hope level 50 will prove to be less mercenary focused once I get through the several week gear grind and I have a chance I recall a game of hutball earlier where I dont think anyone (including me as whats the point in taking the ball as a squishy healer) in my team even looked like scoring mainly due to the fact nobody even tried to pass or go forward as a team, highly frustrating.