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Currently I am picking and choosing between BH/Campaign gear to achieve the overall highest mean mitigation I can get on my Vanguard. To achieve this I often go for gear with She/Abs and She/Def etc, though I do however opt for Acc/Mitigation when I feel a particular stat is lacking.

Because of this approach however my accuracy as began to dip a bit. I am currently aiming to get Campaign Gloves and BH Boots/Helmet. The boot I believe have accuracy, but unfortunately the gear I'll be trading out for the Gloves and Helmet also have accuracy so while I'll gain a fair amount of mitigation, I will be losing some accuracy in the process.

Currently I sit at 97.67% and after this upgrade I'll have about 96.16% and then eventually when I get the Campaign mainhand I'll drop to 94.54%.

So I am starting to wonder how detrimental this is to my ability to build threat. So I am just wondering what is the ideal amount of accuracy to have?

0 is the ideal amount of accuracy to have for a single-target fight. Since your rail shot is your most effective aoe threat generating ability, you will need at least 5% or so from accuracy. However, if there is an assassin tank in your group, he can probably do all of the aoe tanking you need. So, I'd go with 0 accuracy because accuracy is useless for single-target fights. You build up more than enough threat from your other abilities.