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So those are the skilled groups that Dmasterr(Android, you can see him a few times in the video) tries to tell us you play against all the time on your server?

What I see in this video:
- Many people with 14-17k HP, there are even some with 12-13k
- Random groups, random groups, random groups (see guild names)
- People getting charged in their spawnzone over and over again
- Multiple people standing in Sniper AoE's trying to cap a point (I guess their healers loved them for doing this)
- Tanks guarding heals, but not peeling/taunting/supporting at all
- Dps not peeling for their heals at all
- Sorc-/Ops-Heals trying to facetank people while not moving one step
- People trying to backpeddal away
- Some seem to have nor organisation/communication at all, running around like headless chickens

I mean...Even if you are a structured, organised team with good communication...those are just the basics of competitive team play.
In addition, all of your team mates seem to be more or less well geared.

In my opinion, this is good, but it doesn't justify a rating over 400 points above the item with the highest rating requirement.

As long as there is no (working) ELO-system and more teams who know the basics and have more or less nice gear, rating in this game is no measurement for skill.

Nice editing btw.
Yeah this video totally compromises Dmasterr claims of being "best in the world" at anything really.

Average gameplay at best, solid proof that ELO means nothing in this game ATM.

Sympthons of a low skill cap/dead game.
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