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What was the reason for the delay for those answers.

Nothing there seems very indepth or new. Given the delay I was thinking there was something big that was going to be answered and need more time.
Replacing questions answered by the people that have been let out by the people still in.

That being said:

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Sang: Several months ago class balance changes were made at a smaller and more frequent rate, however, since 1.2 all class balance changes have been made within or around the major game updates (1.2 and 1.3). Will this pattern of class balance changes occurring every few months within the major game updates continue or will we see a return to some more frequent, albeit smaller, changes?

Austin: In the weeks immediately following launch, we had planned and scheduled for as much bug fixing and emergent balancing as possible, and faster class/balance updates were more feasible as a result. Smaller, more frequent class changes proved to have an overall positive impact on the game, so yes, we hope to get back into that kind of rhythm soon.
Not to question the size and frequency of the updates, though seems to me the feedback on class "balance" hasn't been really positive on how you tweaked the classes.
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