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On MONDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and KHEM VAL.

BABY XALEK is propelling model swoops along the wooden model swoop track using little Force Lightning sparks. When he misses his control and accidentally roasts a swoop racer, he decides that that one was an unworthy swoop with a bad driver. Across the room, BABY KIRA and BABY ASHARA are laying out a strategy to distribute sunshine and warm cuddly safety to everybody in the galaxy. BABY JAESA, sitting in the middle, is paralyzed by indecision.
KHEM VAL approaches.
KHEM VAL: You do not play with the other children.
BABY JAESA: I just can't decide who to go with. Force Lightning is pretty cool. But so is ensuring peace and freedom for the good of us all.
KHEM VAL: Bah. That is your inherent weakness talking.
BABY JAESA: Hey. I'm not weak.
KHEM VAL: Yes, you are. You couldn't even decide which shoes to wear this morning. That's why you're wearing one boot and one slipper.
BABY JAESA: Maybe I was making a fashion statement.
KHEM VAL: Maybe you are a little fool.
BABY JAESA: Am not! Meanie!
KHEM VAL: Your words do not hurt me. You cannot hurt me at all; you will never be strong enough to fight a Dashade.
BABY JAESA: I can fight anything I want! Jerk! Lookit this!
BABY JAESA commences punching KHEM VAL's shins.
KHEM VAL: Yes, practice your aggression. Enjoy your hatred. Try the Force lightning, I hear it's quite the rush.
T7-01 rolls up.
T7-01: Khem Val = stop corrupting children to the Dark Side
KHEM VAL: I'm doing her a favor. If she chooses the Light Side, she will perish from her own folly. If she does not choose a side, I will probably get bored and devour her next time I get peckish. The Dark Side is her only chance for survival.
KHEM VAL looks down.
KHEM VAL: You call that pathetic buzzing noise Force lightning? Tulak Hord would have fallen asleep during such a miserable offensive. Perhaps you're just not really trying...or perhaps you are too weak to succeed.
BABY JAESA: I hate you! Rrrrrr!
T7-01: Jaesa = think about puppies // puppies = nice
KHEM VAL: And delicious.
T7-01: Khem Val = stop that! // Jaesa = go outside and enjoy sunshine and flowers // Khem Val = stay put
BABY JAESA, abruptly not angry at all: Ooh, flowers! Yay!
BABY JAESA toddles outside.
KHEM VAL: I've not seen such meddlesome upper management since the great reorganization of Yn and Chabosh.
T7-01: Upper management = fire staff who keep trying to raise Sith Lords // T7 = did not found Forced Companions to groom Sith
KHEM VAL: And yet you hired me and Lord Scourge.
T7-01: Labor market = tough
KHEM VAL: Anyway, you never complain about me encouraging Xalek.
T7-01: Xalek = beyond redemption to start with // Xalek = kind of a jerk // Khem Val = welcome to Xalek
BABY XALEK, looking up from his swoop racing: Your time will come, Mister Teeseven. Your time will come.
T7-01: Xalek = better behave // Rules = no death threats
KHEM VAL: Unless the staff is making them.
T7-01: That rule = only because you and Lord Scourge insisted on it in your contracts
KHEM VAL: I told you, if I can't snack on the Force sensitives, I need some kind of concession to make these working conditions tolerable.
T7-01: Khem Val = hardly ever threatens the children anyway // rule = seems unnecessary
KHEM VAL: Teeseven, last week I threatened to feed on the dying screams of everyone Vette had ever loved. I meant it, too.
T7-01: ........Khem Val = makes his few threats count
KHEM VAL: Damn right.
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